Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cuba From the Inside Out - Part 1

We were recently on a one week trip to Cuba. Hubby hadn't been before, the price was right and the resort in Veradero looked ok. I wrote a tripadvisor review which was rejected. first review in over forty that was returned for "offensive content". I suppose they didn't like my comments about shirtless men and pajama clad women in the dining room. Either that, or it was my suggestion that people bring their own kleenex since in all likelihood they'd be wearing short sleeves. What can I say? I've been ill and I was in a mood.

So today's blog is a bit about the resort in photos with comments. The resort review can be found on , Breezes Bella Costa, Veradero and my title is "Hotel Hints, Tips and Tours".  I did not re-submit photos when I edited my review but I'll put them on here.

Veradero, on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island has some of the best beaches I've ever seen. We spent one day splashing in the waves. No photos were taken while in the water, however.

After our tour days, we relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the entertainment. There were shows during the day and also on an outdoor stage at night. 

Unusual image...hubby relaxing
Poolside entertainment

When we returned to our room, the maid had created a blanket/towel gorilla to which we added one of Adam's Cuban purchases. He really did miss his puppy, but found a temporary replacement at one of the hotel gift shops.

After dinner, we went to watch the sunset from a gazebo

 The sun was slightly hidden by mountains in the distance. More on the mountains later.

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