Saturday, October 11, 2014

Twelve Year Old View of Doughnuts

I have had considerable experience reading compositions of children and preteens. Many are well written albeit similar in content. Every now and again, there's a standout, a storythat is so original and clever that I become curious about the child, the family, and the teachers that helped form such a brilliant young mind. I recently came across a piece written by a twelve year old girl which I thought was not only hilarious, but beautifully written. It's hard to imagine a twelve year old being this expressive and turning such a simple topic into work which has found its way into Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Facebook and more. I am sharing it on here as a way of preserving it for myself. It's the sort of thing that gives me joy and satisfaction. It helps remind me of a job I once did, and gives me hope that of the hundreds of children that crossed my path, that a few might have achieved this level of thinking and writing.

Whether or not you agree with the sentiment, you have to admit that this child did a wonderful job.

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