Friday, August 1, 2014

The View...from the Pit

Well, I've watched my last episode of 'The View'. At the risk of sounding more and more like my hubby, here's the reason. I believe that all the intelligent ladies have left the programme and with one exception, we are left with ***screaming banshees.

Barbara Walters, who developed the format must be cringing. I'm sure this isn't how she envisioned the show when she created it. I can see why she, and some others, retired.

In Barbara Walters own words...

"I've always wanted to do a show with women of different generations, backgrounds and views: a working mother; a professional in her 30s ; a young woman just starting out; and then somebody who's done almost everything and will say almost anything . And in a perfect world, I'd get to join the group whenever I wanted...."

Today, I came to realize that I couldn't hear what any of the current hosts were saying. Just as well. They were all shouting, one louder than the next, and nobody was listening. It was over an inane topic which I believe had to do with the behaviour of  'The Bachlorette'. It was definitely not the original format of "discussing political and social issues".Was nobody in this group ever taught the art of conversation? Yes, I realize that sometimes people get excited and want their opinion heard. It happens. But why, why, is it necessary to yell and repeat the same comment over and over?

Of late, I've heard nothing about politics unless it described a specific politician and included a scandal. I've heard nothing about any current social issues (a brief mention of guns and how they'd shoot people, but that's it). I've heard only about some of the ridiculous exploits of movie stars and reality show participants. That's fine, but it should not be the exclusive content of the show. I believe that they have  turned  'The View' into a television version of the National Enquirer.

'The View' began on August 11, 1997. Unless there are drastic changes, I believe it's run will soon come to an end. It's already come to an end for me.
_________________________________________________________________________________***screaming banshees - Irish female spirits in mythology. They screech and shreik like owls and  forewarn of an imminent death. (In this case, the death of a t.v. show).

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