Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Howling, Super, Moon

I'm not sure when I developed such an appreciation and interest in the moon, the natural satellite of the earth. It probably happened sometime during the lunar landing years of my younger life. Maybe it was the many visits to planetariums and space museums. Perhaps it was the influence of the too often played Andy Williams' Moon River song. It could have been my years of teaching about space and lunar phases. Who knows?

On July 12th, tonight, we hope to be seeing a super moon. At that time, the moon, which travels in an elliptical orbit around the earth will be at its closest point and thus appear to be fourteen percent larger and a third brighter than normal.

I'm hoping that the skies will be clear that I might take advantage of a sighting. Odds are currently not in my favour, so I'm glad I took a good look last night...close enough. I did hear some howling, but I attribute that to our tiny mutt and the rest of the neighbourhood canines. I don't believe it was hubby, although I'll double check tonight.

To me, this week's super moon is a beginning. It's a great beginning to the upcoming busy weeks.

The last time I saw a super moon, it was on the shores of Lake Ontario and it was spectacular. It was on March 12, 2011.  See blog of that date "The Moon Was So Bright That....".

If it's not visible tonight, we'll all get another chance in August and September. Enjoy.

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