Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paint Nite...in the Day

Subtitled : When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

My friend had a birthday and it's always a challenge to come up with a new and original experience. This one was neither, but since we hadn't participated before, I booked a paint nite (www.paintnite.com) for noon on a Saturday. The hours which I keep are daylight hours and this was the best choice. We were both interested in attempting this painting entitled, "Fireflies". I had to venture into the big city, an hour and a half drive downtown. As always, the parkway and some other major routes were closed...maintenance, races, protests and the like.
We arrived at the venue early as suggested and had an overpriced lunch while we waited, waited, waited. Then we discovered an email sent half an hour earlier saying our event was cancelled. We were unimpressed, as were dozens of other people. We left and headed for Kensington Market. What fun! Not only did I finally get to see the Rick Mercer rant alleyways but it was comic book day!                                  
Squid seems to be a recurring theme in my life.
Colourful shops to say the least.

Rant time!
I believe I have the same outfit...without the little army that is.
Super...er....bearded....er...well, I recognize two of the three characters anyhow.

There was art all around, including this colourful likeness of the city's infamous mayor. As one of my friends pointed out, they've left room in the bricks to add a crack pipe.
A fascinator fit for a royal visit....at Halloween that is.
We had a terrific day and even the marijuana march which held up traffic even more, didn't deter us from coming back for our rescheduled paint nite the following week. I picked my friend up and we grabbed some less expensive lunch, this time at an awesome pizza joint. I don't normally like pizza, but yum. Double yum.
We entered the Office Pub and found our room. The easels were set up and our aprons were ready.

While we waited, we practiced our still life photography skills with a pint. We called this piece of art "Beer in hand in front of easel."
The instructor demonstrated the steps for us to create our own "Fireflies" painting.
After we left, we continued our adventures with a trip a trip to the famous Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws store.
It was a fun and worthwhile experience. As we strolled through the store, admiring the giant cheeses, the massive meat displays, the floral displays, and the bakery, we were serenaded by musicians.
Our interest in macaron making was re-ignited when we spotted this cabinet in the bakery, complete with $2.49 per cookie price tag.
This will definitely be the year of the macaron. We shall succeed and there will be a final chapter to all the macaron making disasters.

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  1. Great photos! You are so fortunate to have a husband who supports all of your adventures! Ha! Ha!