Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feeling the Love

For the Valentine's Day edition of the local newspaper I wrote this column entitled  For the love of Cobourg  at this link. You need to copy and paste because try as I might, I can't figure out how to steer you there directly.

Today, I ventured out to participate in some of the town's wonderful winter weekend festivities. Hubby dropped me at a local hobby shop called "Bear's Beads" where one of the special weekend activities was bracelet making.  I entered and immediately bumped into someone I knew. We pored over the trays of beads trying to make a decision on which five to select for our bracelets, then we went to work. I thought that the selection process was the hardest part until I attempted to co-ordinate two pairs of needle nosed pliers. After much trial and error, the heart shape clasp was attached, as were my five charms and my bracelet was done.
The proprietor gave us lovely organza bags containing chocolate hearts and we were able to secure our bracelets in the bags.

Next, I wandered down the street to a shop called, "A Matter of Taste" where I accidentally ate a free sample cupcake created by a local baker, "Cakes by Tammy". It was sooooo delicious. The store had a special day of discounts because of the downtown events. I visited the antique market in another futile search for chrome chairs. The cashier made me laugh by suggesting I go to cottage garage sales. She said that all good old furniture is in cottages. I dropped in to my favourite clothing store, "From the Bottoms Up" in search of lightweight summer wear. "Next week", I was told.

After meeting hubby again, we went to participate in more events near the ice rink. I had noted that there were bright pink sheets with the heading "Take Me" posted all around town. I didn't immediately realize why since I wasn't wearing my glasses. It was poetry, written by locals and offered as a way of not only showing off local talent and promoting April poetry month, but also to add to town spirit.
We enjoyed the ice sculptures and saw that one very intricate work was carved into a table. A young lady was pouring maple syrup onto snow atop the table and swirling it onto a stick. That certainly explained the growing lineup waiting for the sweet delicacy.
Of course, there were the usual ice skaters twirling to the music. Children climbed the massive snowbanks of heaped up snow laughing with glee as they rolled and slid down. Parents, grandparents and children waited for a turn to tour the town by horse and carriage, while others played with the ice sculpture tic tac toe board.
Then there was the throne. Ah yes, every child's dream...a royal throne carved from ice. Who could resist a quick, frosty sit on this wonderful huge chair? Why oh why did I forget to bring my crown?
To warm up after the adventures, there was hot chocolate and a cookie. In fact, the youngsters were allowed to decorate their cookies with icing and sprinkles as they warmed up and enjoyed their treats.
Cobourg truly is the "feel good town".

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