Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandyyyyyyyy.....

We became Yankee fans for a day when we attended a game at Yankee Stadium. Yankees were playing the Cleveland Indians. Since it was a Wednesday afternoon, there were only about 42,000 fans in attendance which meant tickets were actually available. It was also Mariano Rivera fathead day. We had no idea what a fathead was, but discovered that it was the huge poster sized peel and stick image we were given on our way into the park.
As we neared the stadium, I could sense the mounting excitement.
We parked in the garage at a nominal cost...approx. $32 for the day. Then, we began to take photos of each other and of our surroundings.

After finding our gate #2 we headed inside only to be greeted by several memorable characters.

Mickey Mantle?
Canadian Yankee


The hallways were impressive. And, as is the case in all ballparks, food and drink prices were...reasonable?

We arrived early enough for a visit to Monument Park, a memorial to outstanding Yankees players of the past. It included a lovely tribute to 9/11.

 "I saw him play in the original Yankee Stadium."

9/11 bronze
A baseball legend

This was followed by a visit to the Yankees Museum. Here we saw mementos, world series trophies, a scale model of Yankee Stadium, signed balls and an autographed wall.

Finally, it was time for the game. We took our seats and were thrilled with the lovely weather and good view. Of course, we were interested in how all our "old" Blue Jays (Nix, Wells, Overbay and Gomes) were playing.

Wells strikes out looking.
There was the traditional singing of "God Bless America" at the seventh inning.
The Yankees trounced the opponents. Then we ended the terrific day with a trip to a pizzeria for genuine New York pizza.
Patricia's in the Bronx

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