Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cake Decorating 201...The End

As I said in my blog of July 18th, the final week of cake decorating, part two, required bringing an iced cake and learning the basket weave technique. We were also asked to bring our assorted flowers for atop the cake. I don't like flowers on cakes. I believe I mentioned that. I made some fondant and gum paste leaves and flowers and dried them for my design. These were easy to create using a press, and looked a little more fun than the usual cake topper roses.

Upon "googling" basket weave cakes, I found numerous examples of peoples' final cakes. Most were well done. All were topped with a random floral collection. Some decorators should have heeded the expression "less is more."

There had to be a way of making this cake look more interesting. I finally had an idea.

I baked the cake parts, a challenge in itself. Then I made the buttercream icing and tinted it a pale yellow.

I assembled a structure.

The buttercream wasn't co-operating, but I was able to smooth it eventually.
Can you guess yet? I told a baffled instructor that I was making an alien space ship.

Here's how my basket weave looked. It was a bit more challenging than I thought.

And, as everyone in class finished their lovely round white basket weave cakes with roses, lilies, daffodils, blossoms and buds all over the tops, we received our certificates.


I packed up my certificate and gently placed my masterpiece in the cake box, I headed for home. Part 2, Wilton cake decorating course, done!

A better view of flowers. I have since added white polka dots to the blue hat ribbon.

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