Friday, June 8, 2012

Rambling Robins

Every year, we have a family who lives under our deck. For some reason, robins like to build their nests in the cross beams. We see the activity and we hear the parental fuss when we dare to venture near. Here's what I found yesterday.

Tonight, I went to check on the birds. The nest was empty. As I looked around the yard, I did notice a problem.

Then, I saw more of an issue. It was also a concern to the parent robins who were clearly watching. I no sooner tried to take a photo, then I was bombed. A large scoop of vanilla ice cream dropped on the front of my shirt, couldn't have made more of a mess. I made an attempt to get closer to scoop up the birds and return them to their nest. It wasn't to be as they fluttered away, not flying very well, but nonetheless they were moving.

I was pleased when a little while later I saw one of the birds perched on the fence. It had successfully lifted off. Hopefully, the rest did the same.

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