Friday, August 19, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Recently we had occasion to attend a wedding in the "Big Apple"...not at the roadside attraction on the highway near here, but the real Big Apple, New York City. The wedding was lovely. We had a great time partying with family and friends.

Although the wedding was the main part of our weekend adventure and reason for our trip, there were other things I found amusing if not entertaining. For example, as we went through the Holland Tunnel, I noticed that the GPS showed us driving down the river. Seemed like a photo op to me. What can I say? I find odd things funny, although I doubt that those who are stuck in the tunnel traffic each day find it very humorous.

At the rehearsal dinner, the subject of the "Ghostbusters" firehall came up. This firehall was part of a movie from the 80's. People with sons born during that decade will definitely remember the nightmare of trying to locate the highly sought after themed toys associated with the movie. We found out that the original firehall was located right across the street. I rushed out to get some photos before dark. "Who you gonna call?".........

Of course, when one is in New York City, it's always good to become familiar with some of the upcoming styles and newest trends in fashion. I like to call these photos "Is Less More?" and "Where's Waldo?"

We enjoyed a trip to Staten Island and found a lovely park. Then we rode the ferry to Manhattan and back, and Adam was overjoyed when we located pizza and Italian ice for lunch.

As we left the city, I looked up "attractions" on the GPS along our route and came across "The Headless Horseman Bridge". Could it be? Then we saw the following road sign. "Yayyyyyy....let's go there." I love spontaneity. The best adventures are often the result.

The photos which follow are pictures of the town of Sleepy Hollow, NY. It is historic, scenic and has a lot to see and do. It was a great afternoon adventure. I even saw a deer and two fawns at the famed cemetery. I was so startled I forgot to take a picture.


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