Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Obsessed with Jon and Stalking Donny

"Stalking" by definition means pursuing, following or tracking persistently. "Obsessing" on the other hand is defined as thinking about persistently. The word "persistent" seems to be the common thread. I've been told that I'm both obsessed and a stalker. I'm not so sure. If occasionally seeking out a person or two that one admires and whose talents one enjoys is interpreted as "obsessing" or "stalking" I guess it's true. I like to think of it more as seizing an opportunity. I have been fortunate enough to seize a few.

My "victims" as it were are none other than Jon Bon Jovi and Donny Osmond. They don't have that much in common except that they are both talented musicians, fine specimens of the male species and as far as I can see, nice people who have done good works with their fame and wealth.
Jon Bon Jovi in Toronto, August 2010

Toronto too...woohoo! Great seats eh?
 I didn't always know who Jon Bon Jovi was. In fact, I probably paid no attention or didn't care. He had been one of the long haired, creepy people of rock when I was younger. Who knew he'd age so nicely?

I really first noticed him on a 2002 t.v. show which I viewed from time to time, "Ally McBeal". I wondered how I had missed admiring such an obvious talent. I remember that when he sat strumming his guitar and singing, I was hooked...a new fan! I sought out info on Jon and his group and over the next eight years, watched every t.v. special and Oprah episode which featured the group. I was impressed with the housing he provided after the flooding in New Orleans. Who wouldn't want to live on Jon Bon Jovi Blvd.? How rare is it too for a rocker to have been married to the same person for 18 years? His songs have inspirational lyrics and my cell ringtone...well, for several reasons is set to "Livin' On A Prayer". I've seen him live on three occasions and although he will be back on tour in February, I will not be attending this show. Two concerts in one year would be too much for even this diehard fan.  Perhaps I'm not all that obsessed after all.
While tracking Donny, Jon was a bonus find
 at Mme Tussaud's Wax Museum in Vegas.
My history with Donny Osmond is a little longer. When I was about 11 years old, we had our first real t.v. Dad built it using whatever tubes, transistors, solder and other items he owned or found in the trash where he once worked. He also created a case, out of plywood stained brown with dark trim. It was massive...a full 17" screen and had the most clear black and white picture! We were so lucky. The family would gather to watch whatever were the essential entertainment shows of the time...Ed Sullivan, Country Hoedown, Andy Williams and the like. This is where I first saw a cute little Donny Osmond as part of the Osmond Brothers, a kid, a little kid. I paid no attention.

Donny signing autographs in Toronto
 As an adult, I saw the show "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Donny, as Joseph was quite a fetching sight. He too had aged well. I discovered that the performances needed school choirs and immediately began my search for singers. I assembled a choir which included my own two talented children. We auditioned, made it to the finals but sadly were not selected as one of the four schools to participate in the production. A consolation prize of free tickets for family and friends were welcomed as once again I got to see and hear Donny. Since he was now living locally, what else could I do but show up when Donny made a public appearance at a local department store? I dragged a friend. We lined up. I saw Donny. She began to call me a stalker.
Joseph's Coat

It's me...with him...way back when !

Vegas 2010
It is nearing the anniversary of one of my last opportunities. So eager was I to see the Donny and Marie show, that I dragged yet another friend to Vegas in February 2010. We were sitting in excellent seats, so close to the stage that we could clearly see the droplets of perspiration on Donny's forehead. What an amazing show. As he wandered down and shook hands along the VIP ramp, an area which seated people who purchased more costly tickets, I leapt up from my chair, waved frantically, clammered over a fairly large set of female twins and seized the opportunity. It was an impulse. I reached for his hand. He grabbed mine and shook it. His hand was clammy and sweaty. Yes, I washed my hands after. My friend hid under her chair and pretended she didn't know me.
Donny has generated millions for charitable organizations particularly those involving children. On his 53rd birthday, he and Marie performed to sold out audiences in a Broadway Christmas event. I wasn't there. Perhaps I'm not a stalker after all. 

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