Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TripAdvisor Reviews

I have begun my reviews for our last trip. I think I'll stick to two, just two. I don't feel the inclination to do an more. If a place is memorable or unusual I will do a review. If it's either unacceptable or outstanding, I'll complete a review.

Here's a place with the world's best pizza. This is their claim and it might just possibly be true. Of course there's no proof since nobody could possibly taste every pizza in the world. On the other hand, I think they're on fairly safe ground with their claim. Hungry fisherpersons will certainly attest to that. Nobody had ever done a review on "The Best Gosh Dam Place" so it took some time to get the first one, mine, approved. Some verifications were needed. I also submitted photos.


 I completed a review about a restaurant in Northern Ontario on Lake Superior. Lovely place with great potential. Food and service could use some improvement.


Thursday, July 18, 2013


My July column was published as is. I was pleased.

Then I received a message from a friend who had read it online. Her comment was "I love it!!!! I think it's too bad that they didn't have a picture of you with your hoop skirt, bustle and bonnet too."

I scratched my head and searched for the article on my computer. As soon as I saw it, my jaw dropped yet again. There was my original heading with yet another annoying addition.

Will cursive writing be the hieroglyphics of tomorrow?


Cobourg columnist used to write with pen nibs, inkwell and blotter


Hubby laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked.
"It makes it sound as if you're 100 years old." He responded.
My friend's hoop skirt, bonnet and bustle comment made sense now. Embarassing. Nonetheless, I have to be glad nothing was changed or deleted. Here's the article.
Love this cartoon I found recently.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not Gone, Just Busy

It may look as though I haven't written any blogs lately. That's because I haven't. The truth is, I have been busy with ohhhhhhh so many projects. I've helped my son pack up his belongings and move out of his place. He'll be off to the west end of Toronto and thus live closer to his work. Well actually, he'll move soon. In the meantime, his possessions are at his dad's, at his girlfriend's and in his van. Fortunately, we avoided helping with storage since we are already filled to the brim with my daughter's belongings.

I have, however, been adding to previous blogs. For example, I took and added many more pictures to "On the wings..." about the doves in my planter. I also added a photo to "Paying to shop..." and to the "Cobourg Pianos".

My July column was on my long list of deadlines. As usual, I procrastinated but finished it on schedule. I eagerly await the newspaper to see how my words will actually appear. I have written about the current lack of cursive writing instruction in schools where technology and keyboarding have replaced this skill.

And finally, I've made time for family and friends. We've had a few family dinners and a bit of travel of late. More on that later...when the next cluster of blogs finally appear.